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SIC Italiana Cavi
SIC Italiana Cavi
Head and sales office

SIC is specialized in the design, marketing and sales of its own mechanical components - realized also upon customer's technical specification - for electrical suspensions and anchoring systems.
These products are addressed to railway/cable-railway/tramway/underground lines construction companies and to road overhead lighting systems manufacturers.
Thanks to their high safety performances and limited maintenance operations, SIC's products were omologated by various civic administrations and their feautures and characteritics are regarded as standards for the new aerial lines design and for the existing lines upgrading.

SIC's activity is therefore mainly intended to serve specialized engineering offices, contractors and municipalities, to whom all the necessary technical/applicational support is offered together with products.

The property of SIC's suspension systems comes from the use of a particular insulating rope in synthetic material called "Parafil" which offers a very high insulation degree, strong weather resistance and reduced weights and dimensions.

SIC is also dealing in telecommunication and marine, selling aerial guyings, on-board protections and guyings, surface and submerged moorings.
SIC is mainly working with Italian companies and contractors both for domestic and international projects.

The latest innovative uses are in the areas of umbilical cables and cables for power transmission.
SIC Italiana Cavi is a Division of IK Interklimat S.p.A.
IK Interklimat S.p.A. - Company with sole shareholder under direction and coordination on behalf of Ik Finanziaria S.r.l.
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