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Parafil® ropes have been used in marine applications including buoy moorings, ship and yacht rigging, guard rails and tow ropes etc, for over 20 years. Its tensile properties, low weight, freedom from corrosion and excellent tension-tension fatigue resistance make it the ideal choice.

The polyethylene sheath is unaffected by sea water and does not attract marine debris.
When used in ship’s rigging Parafil® is unaffected by sunlight and sea water and the smooth outer case ensures minimum build-up and easy release of ice.

Guard Rail - SIC Italiana Cavi GUARD RAIL - Ministry of defence and the RNLI

PARAFIL® Type A, 3.5 tonne NBL, is used as guard rail on all UK based offshore life boats.
PARAFIL® Type A, 3.5 tonne NBL, is also widely used on Ministry of Defence military craft and is being increasingly adopted by other countries.

Special anodised aluminium PARAFIL® end terminations, with extended eyes, have been developed by Linear Composites Limited for this end use application.
Lighter weight PARAFIL® Type A products, 0.5 and 1.0 tonne Nominal Breaking Load, are also widely used on leisure craft.

Guard Rail - SIC Italiana Cavi

Rigging - SIC Italiana Cavi Rigging

In yacht racing, minimising the mass of the yacht is critical to reducing windage and increasing speed. In short, every kilogram counts and carrying excess weight can make the difference between winning and losing. PARAFIL® Rigging has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is very stiff. These desirable properties are combined with resistance to UV, chemical and biological attack, making PARAFIL® rigging a winning solution.

A new PBO (p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) variety of PARAFIL® -Type Z has recently been developed. Zylon® PBO is a revolutionarily synthetic fibre providing PARAFIL® -Type Z with an extremely high tensile strength and modulus along with a very high tenacity. PBO is generally accepted to be the first synthetic fibre with the capability to replace standard steel in yacht rigging.

Our PARAFIL® terminations can be specially designed to connect to any existing fitting.

Rigging - SIC Italiana Cavi

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