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Military Engineering / Construction
Tank Bridges

PARAFIL® has been used as a launch stay in the revolutionary Titan Armoured Vehicle Launcher Bridge (see video below) and as a support member for the Longbow Advanced Long Span Bridge system (see image above) developed by BAE Systems – Global Combat Systems – Bridging.

PARAFIL® Type G was selected for these applications due to its high strength-to-weight ratio together with high modulus, low extension, thermal stability and good tension-to-tension fatigue life. This system incorporated specially designed aircraft grade steel terminations.

Longbow Advanced Long Span Bridge

BAE Systems Longbow Advanced Long Span Bridge (ASLB) has been deployed in combat zones around the world. When compared with other modular bridging systems the Longbow ALSB has technical, tactical and costing advantages. The ALSB has a span of 52m which can be increased to 62m when used in conjunction with pontoons or fixed structures. The ALSB can be constructed in only 75 minutes and bridges over 90% of world gaps.

Titan Armoured Vehicle Launcher

BAE Systems Titan Armoured Vehicle Launcher tank bridge is now in service on its new Titan engineer vehicle. It is widely regarded as the leading rapid deployment bridging system available in the world. The Titan can deploy a 26 metre bridge in just under two minutes, while under fire, which is faster than any competitor.

Rapid Transit Systems - SIC Italiana Cavi

Rapid Transit Systems - SIC Italiana Cavi Guard Rail

PARAFIL® is the NATO specified material of choice for guard rail on all ships in the Royal Navy’s fleet. PARAFIL® rope's high strength-to-weight ratio, high modulus, low extension at break, resistance to UV radiation, resistance to sea water and resistance to ice build up make in an ideal material for guard rail.

PARAFIL® is installed using specially designed terminations constructed from high quality materials and like PARAFIL® are highly resistant to corrosion. The combination of PARAFIL® and terminations results in a guard rail system with a long design life which performs even under the most extreme conditions.

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